wood working

When I started wood working, one of the problems I had was to find good information. All I knew about wood and woodworking was what I had learned at school, and what I had learned from my father.

But I wanted to learn more about the possibilities wood has, so I bought some good at a books at a bookshop, asked advice from other woodworkers, and through the years I succeeded by trial and error.

When I need some new information now, I first try to find it on the internet, but I must say that I find it harder and harder to get what I am looking for, when I compare it with a few years ago. This made me to decide to build a website about woodworking, to make a source of good information, and I hope you like it.


Maybe it is needless to tell you something about wood, but
I have the feeling that I have to tell something about it and
and end it by telling you a little story.
Wood can only be used successfully if the craftsperson understands it. I don't think you can compare wood with any other material. Wood is a complex and dynamic material and has its own beauty and character. To learn more about wood I can highly recommend Hoadly's book "Undestanding Wood". I have read this book with great pleasure, and it has still a special place on my bookshelf.

And now the little story.