router joinery workshop

router joinery workshop

In Router Joinery Workshop Carol Reed, "The Router Lady," presents a host of her newest fixtures and procedures, with innumerable spectacular photos, illustrations, and invaluable knowledge.

From the Publisher

Router Joinery Workshop is the most comprehensive course ever on making joints with a router. The router is the woodworker's tool of choice for joinery, and this is the book of choice to take to the shop. Innumerable and spectacular photos and illustrations, plus invaluable knowledge straight from "The Router Lady," make each step of the process clear. You'll find a host of the newest fixtures and procedures that router expert Carol Reed has devised. Four sections cover the router and the art of designing and using jigs. Start with a mini course on the tool itself, plus bits, special holding systems, and techniques. It tells what features to consider when buying, which basics are usually included, and how to make your own improvements. Next are all the different woodworking joints--from rabbets and dadoes to mortise and tenons to the most special and rarely-used kinds--and how to execute them with the router. Third, discover the special techniques at which the router excels: make multiples of a shape with template routing; join curving edges with nary a gap; fix defects in the wood; and decorate a plain project with inlay. Finally, practice your new skills on fantastic projects, such as a Totebox, Bookcase, Frame and Panel Door, and Small Table. If there is only one book on joinery in your workshop, this is it.

Library Journal

Reed (a.k.a. "The Router Lady") has created with Router Joinery Workshop an outstanding guide to the router that will appeal to both beginning and experienced woodworkers.
Part 1 covers router features and tool selection, bits, maintenance, the creation of a number of utilitarian (but effective) jigs from common materials, and basic tool use.
Part 2 shows how to make several popular joints:
rabbets, dadoes, dovetails, box joints, and mortise and tenons.
The latter sections cover template routing and various projects designed to practice specific routing skills (included are plans for a breadboard, a totebox, and a router bit cabinet). Reed does a thorough job of explaining a somewhat complicated tool and its numerous accessories.
Routers are very popular because they are so versatile; this title is among the best on the subject and should be considered by all public libraries. Copyright 2003 Reed Business information.