The Best Router Tips

best router tips

Router: Methods of Work The Best Tips from 25 Years from Fine Woodworking (Taunton Press), Jim Richey.
If you're looking for new tricks to teach your router, buy this book. A treasure trove of clever solutions to not-always-standard problems, this handbook features the best reader tips from a quarter-century of Taunton's Fine Woodworking magazine.

You'll learn how to mill a giant sphere, flatten a workbench top, make a gymnastics balance beam, or mill dollhouse siding. You'll also find dozens of router bases, jigs, and fixtures--one for almost every conceivable woodworking situation.


1. Router Set-Up & Maintenance
2. Router Tables & Mounts
3. Bases & Alignment Fixtures
4. Routing Dadoes
5. Routing Dovetails
6. Routing Mortises & Cavities
7. Router Joinery
8. Fixtures for Curved & Circular Work
9. Fluting, Reeding & Milling
10. Router Methods & Odd Jobs