Hand or Simple Turning by John Jacob Holtzapffel

Holtzapffel was the Victorian era's consummate historian and technician regarding all aspects of turning wood, ivory and metal. Here is his classic work on the basic lathe and its processes.

Covers many kinds of chuck, sharpening and tool geometry, multi-center turning, boring, turning spheres and screw threads, and basic techniques for ornamenting turned work. Includes such arcane knowledge as how Chinese nested balls are contrived.


1. Center Lathes with Continuous Motion
2. Lathes with Revolving Mandrels
3. Modern Foot Lathes
4. Apparatus Added to the Lathe for a Specific Purpose
5. Chucks & Apparatus for Fixing the Various Works in the Lathe
6. The Elementary Practice of Softwood Turning
7. The Elementary Practice of Hardwood & Ivory Turning
8. Elementary Metal Turning
9. Screw Cutting
10. The Sphere, and Various Forms in Hard
11. Wood and Ivory Derived from This Solid
12. Practical Examples of Simple Plain Turning in Wood and Ivory
13. Practical Examples of Combined Plain Turning Executed with the Hand Tools
14. Alone
15. Miscellanea in Plain Turning in Wood and Ivory. Dyeing, Staining and Darkening