The Principles and Practice of Ornamental or Complex Turning by John Jacob Holtzapffel

Here is the bible of ornamental or complex turning, written by the Holtzapffels themselves, and reprinted from an extremely rare edition of Volume 5 of Turning and Mechanical Manipulation on the Lathe. It is the only guide to the use of the Holzpffel lathe, and is also indispensable for those who want to adapt ordinary lathes for complex or ornamental work.


1. The Sliderest for Ornamental Turning in Its Less Complete Form
2. The Sliderest for Ornamental Turning in Its More Complete Form, Overhead Motions
3. Revolving Tools for Removing Arcs of Circles, Used in Shaping & Ornamentating
4. Revolving Tools for Shaping & Ornamenting in Cutting Complete Circles
5. The Elliptical, Epicycloidal, & Rose Cutting Frames
6. The Eccentric & Oval Chucks
7. The Spherical Chuck
8. Hand Motion
9. The Segment & Tangent Screw Movements
10. The Straight Line & Rectilinear Chucks
11. The Ornamenting Chucks in Combination
12. Compound Electrical Turning
13. Spiral Turning
14. The Spherical Rest